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Anger and Joy

February 4, 2012

Anger and joy can co-exist; these are times that cry out for both. Not for superficial expressions, but deep down gut-wrenching anger that causes change and energetic heart-opening joy that sustains it.

I sometimes worry I will get caught in one to the exclusion of the other. What I want is an ongoing dance where the total engagement of one can leads to a full-fledged experience of the other. When I feel a total sense of the freeing nature of joy, I am more able to be in touch with my angst and anger about the fact that such experiences for others are often limited by the brunt of oppression in their lives.  When I let the full expression of anger burn in my heart, I am compelled to act to make a difference and joy comes from that connection to the greater humanity to which I am inextricably linked.

Anger and joy can provide a synergy that creates unexpected opportunities for birthing a new way of being, seeing, and acting.

I have begun a new daily practice of asking myself, “Where is my anger today? Where is my joy?”  To fully engage in activist work, I need both.