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Stepping on the path of nonconformity

January 21, 2013

MLK noncomformistsIMG_2373

Her name is Everly Grace and she came into this world on December 1st; a water dragon baby like her grandmother.  Fire and water.  I hope she becomes a nonconformist.  As a white baby, she already has a privilege-lined path to walk upon. It’s so easy to lull oneself to sleep on such a path.  I know. I have done it. And while I have slept, others have lived tortured lives of oppression.

So, as my sleeping granddaughter lays in my arms, I whisper “challenge the status quo”  “speak out against injustice”  ” change the system” and “be a radical prophet for love”

Yet, my words are not enough. I must show her by my actions that I refuse to conform to a path that privileges some at the expense of others.

I listen to the whispers of those who have gone before me and seek courage to step again and again on the path of nonconformity.