Jib jabbing culture

January 5, 2014

jib jab mariachi2

I thought it was another fun jib-jab holiday greeting I had received; people with elf hats or reindeer antlers dancing to a Christmas song.

The smiling white face under a sombrero took me aback.   Mariachi band attire adorned her and her white family as they danced to Feliz Navidad, bouncing their heads, shaking maracas, and celebrating . . . WHAT?

Another opportunity for white people to appropriate other peoples’ heritage for their own benefit?

Oh, shucks, it’s funny to see a white person in a sombrero opening a can of mexican jumping beans, swallowing them, and becoming a dancing wonder.

jib jab mariachi Here is a sample of the greeting featuring a FOX news team.

The Mariachi tradition is part of the rich cultural history of Mexico and, as such, deserves respect. Really,  Jib Jab? This is one holiday card you should have left out. I’m guessing the majority of people choosing that card were not of Mexican heritage. Those who are have daily opportunities to experience ridicule and denigration; a special card is not needed.

I have written Jib Jab about this. What’s more challenging is the upcoming conversation with the friend who sent the card. Yet, remaining silent is to allow the dominant culture to continue to be unaware of the jabbing and hurting it does on a daily basis.

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