In Transition

April 22, 2016

These last couple of years have been ones of tremendous change as my parents transitioned from living with us to a care facility. My Dad fell, had surgery and never really recovered.  He died a year ago.  My 85 year old mom has been settling in to a care facility that can support her Alzheimer’s disease. Those personal impacts, along with major changes in my workplace at a university did not leave time to keep up this blog.

Such upheaval leads to clarity.  I have discerned that my racial justice work is what most urgently calls to me at this time.  I will be leaving my university job on June 3rd.  My husband and I have sold our house of 25 years and bought a travel trailer out of which we will live and work for the next year or more. I am focused on doing more training with white people to dismantle the racism we have created.  I also will be working with colleagues of color to co-facilitate dialogue on race, racism, and social justice in mixed groups.

I look forward to having the time to return to blogging.  Watch this space for updates.

Hold on to hope in the midst of all that causes despair.  I believe change can happen.



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