New blog site

March 13, 2017

Many life transitions have led to a new blog site.  I’ve been posting since July, 2016 about life, justice and spirituality at Sophiasongs along with my life partner, Bill. We are living and working on the road in our 21-foot trailer we have named Sophia.

Why this new blog?

We want to chronicle our journey for ourselves and as a way to share with friends and family.  Spirituality is a theme because we believe how we make meaning is what guides how we live in the world. Justice is a theme because injustice depends on silence to keep it in place.  We want to break the silences about oppression. Living and Working on the Road forms the grounding of our daily lives now; we want to explore all that it is teaching us.

Having left a full-time job at a university, I am now able to focus on working with others, particularly those of us who are white, to confront our own ignorance about racism and the impact of our actions. To help white people understand that they have their own work to do about what it means to be white and operating within the system of whiteness that chokes the life, literally and figuratively, out of people of color. To take responsibility in learning how to be an active and trustworthy partner in dismantling it, led by communities of color.


Please come and visit the Sophiasongs site.





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